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Classic towel - size of a normal hand towel (50x70cm)

 For dogs:

There's always dog towels in stock, colors and design may vary.



Paw towel : 90SEK


Witches' hats (Halloween) : 90SEK


Dancing Christmas trees! 90SEK 


Dragonfly : 90SEK


Boat -- Starfish : 90SEK


Rainbow fish! 90SEK

Guest towel Starfish : 50SEK


Home sewn kitchen towel with Christmas wreath: 90SEK

more info about towels - click Here


Dog "clothes"

Example of a custom made coat:





Blue double sewn fleece, two attachment points for the abdomen piece 250SEK

Length from neck to tail 45cm

Abdomen adjustable: guidelines ca 28cm - 33cm

Neck adjustable: guidelines ca 50cm - 60 cm


Camo double sewn fleece 225SEK

Length from neck to tail 34cm

Abdomen adjustable: guidelines ca 22cm - 26cm

Neck adjustable: guidelines ca 38cm - 44 cm



Maroon, manchester fabric 170SEK

Length from neck to tail 28cm

Abdomen adjustable: guidelines ca 34cm - 41cm

Neck adjustable: guidelines ca 26cm - 33cm


Pink fleece with flowers 150SEK

Length from neck to tail 26cm

Abdomen adjustable: guidelines ca 31cm - 36cm

Neck adjustable: guidelines ca 16cm - 28 cm


Pink fleece with flowers 150SEK

Length from neck to tail 23cm

Abdomen adjustable: guidelines ca 25cm - 30cm

Neck adjustable: guidelines ca 18cm - 23 cm


Knitted "jersey" 85SEK

Measurements taken non-stretched!

Purple : Length from neck to tail 31cm

Around - behind the front legs 23cm

Around - neck 25cm

Melange : Length from neck to tail 29cm

Around - behind the front legs 22cm

Around - neck 30cm


For Chihuahua puppies and youngsters


Navy blue fleece with red edges 75SEK


Pink with black edges 75SEK


Dog collars

For instructions regarding sizes - contact me!


Ca 21cm 55SEK

Adjustable with velcro. White nylon, pink Snoopy fleece


Orange reflective ca 23,5cm. 55SEK

Adjustable with velcro.


23,5-34cm 160SEK

Orange reflective, Burgundy


26-34,5cm SEK

Orange reflective, black/grey/white camo


26-36cm 160SEK

Yellow reflective, pink Snoopy


26,5-36cm 160SEK

Orange reflective, pink with flowers


26,5-36,5cm 160SEK

Orange reflective, navy blue with stars


32-40,5cm 160SEK

Orange reflective, navy blue with stars


34-42cm 160SEK

Orange reflective, pink with flowers


35-44cm 190SEK

Orange reflective, Burgundy


37-47cm 190SEK 

Orange reflective, Black


40-49cm 190SEK

Orange reflective, green/brown/beige camo


40-53cm 190SEK

Orange reflective, Navy blue


46-60,5cm 190SEK

Orange reflective, green/brown/beige camo


48,5-61,5cm 190SEK

Orange reflective, black/grey/white camo

more info about collars - click Here



Medium minus - camo fleece 250SEK


Medium - black/grey/white camo fleece 275SEK


Medium - green/brown/beige camo fleece 275SEK

more info about harnesses - click Here

Harnesses without a clutch function


 Medium - yellow reflective black/grey/white camo fleece 175SEK


 Medium - orange reflective, navy blue with stars 175SEK


Reflective vest - smaller type - 60SEK 


Size S: 4 in stock

Size M: 4 in stock

more info Here


Reflective vest - bigger type  - 90SEK


Size S: 9 in stock

Size M: 11 in stock

Size L: 6 in stock

Size XL: 5 in stock

more info Here


Fleece scarf  - black 90SEK

 x 1 in stock


Mousepad - 50SEK

 x 2 in stock


Puppy toys - handmade


 Ball 10SEK


 Toy 20SEK --- "Worm" 25SEK  


AMIGURUMI (hand made)


Mushroom - rattles in both ends! 30SEK

Mumin troll 120SEK


Teddybear 65SEK


Beaver 45SEK


Snake 50SEK


Big bunny rabbit 140SEK


Hello Kitty Halloween witch 85SEK


Halloween witch - bigger 85SEK, smaller 55SEK


Mushrooms - bigger 25SEK, small 20SEK



Big, with sheepskin beard 90SEK


Small, with sheepskin beard 50SEK