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* Reflective vests *


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Reflective vest - bigger type

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large and XL.

The sizes are based on the lenght of the back

S = 30cm, M = 40cm, L = 50cm och XL = 60cm.

Price: 90 SEK

Please contact me for guidelines when measuring your dog!


Two examples of Medium size - English Bulldog and a "mixed breed"


Reflective vest - smaller type

This vest is smaller and is a good option for smaller dogs.

Size: Small och Medium

Price: 60 SEK

Measurements are taken around the neck and abdomen.

Please contact me for guidelines when measuring your dog!



Size guidelines:


Bigger type of vest: 

Small: Miniature Schnauzer, Boston terrier

Medium:Tollers, Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever of hunting type,

medium sized mixed breeds, Border Collie, Lagotto, English Bulldog

Large: Collie, German Shepherd, Vorster

Xtra Large: Pyrenees Mastiff, bigger Collies, Berner Sennen


Smaller type of vest:

Small: Chinese Crested/Powder Puff, Jack Russel Terrier,

Boston Terrier, small mixed breeds, the smaller sizes of Poodle

Medium: Tollers of the smaller type, Wachtel,

English Springer Spaniel of the smaller hunting type 

I apologize for using a Swedish modification of some of the breed names!